What Really Constitutes Abuse Of Substances?

It is widely held that substance abuse is a serious disease that continues to afflict thousands, if not more citizens across the country. This sociological plague is, however, usually correlated with the abuse of hard, illicit drugs and alcohol. It would be taken for granted too perhaps that those who are ready to acknowledge that they have a serious problem in these areas of abuse will be submitting themselves towards substance abuse treatment benton courses at their earliest opportunities.

substance abuse treatment benton

A person afflicted with a serious and life-threatening drug problem would usually submit himself to the vagaries of a drug rehab center. It is said that the first hours and days are generally the hardest. And it is known that many drug addicts give up on this harsh program, not being able to cope with the typical symptoms of going cold turkey.

A person who is brave enough to acknowledge that his weekend social drinking habits is already a case of severe alcohol dependency akin to labeling himself as a full-fledged alcoholic traditionally joins the local Alcoholics Anonymous program. And after a successful stint of how so many meetings, ably supported by his appointed sponsor, he is more than willing to tell others that he is an alcoholic, even though he has not had a drink for many months, perhaps even years.

But what about a person who becomes addicted to aspirin, a substance that can easily be purchased off the supermarket shelves? This dangerous addiction always seems to start so innocently. It could even have started in the doctor’s rooms whereby after having been diagnosed with a somewhat minor condition, the doctor issues what may have been perceived to be a safe prescription. And yet it ends up being nothing of the kind.

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