Testing Your Eligibility For The John School

You may still be in despair. Or perhaps you are just not sure of yourself. Let’s just say that those gentlemen who have already been caught with their trousers resting around their ankles on more than one occasion could be best placed to advise you whether you could be eligible to attend what they have been calling the john school diversion program. And rest assured that they will not only tell you how the program is designed to work but that there is a better than even chance that you could be cured of what could be called an illness.

john school diversion program

No one, not even you, understand why you do the things you do. There are those who choose to believe that there simply is no hope for you. You are what you are and you need to live with your obsession. But being the decent gentleman that you really are and knowing just how unhappy your addiction makes you feel deep down inside, you want to make a change. And you want to become well.

But how is the question? Perhaps you are one of those gentlemen who did try alternative diversions or claimed cures before. And perhaps you came up empty-handed. Do not despair. Never mind. It is not the end of the world. There is still hope for you, oodles of it, as it turns out. In fact, long before you volunteer yourself to take part in a John school diversion program, you have already made progress.

Because the very fact that you want to change is surely progress. Yes, gentlemen, we are talking about your peculiar attraction to women. But not any women. Working girls. Ladies of the night. Sex workers. Prostitutes. How else to put it?

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