Guru Inspired Yoga And Giving Natural Birth

Thousands of years ago, a guru from the Far East invented yoga. Amongst other ancient forms of exercise, spiritual meditation and medical practices. In those days too you wonder how women gave birth to their babies, not having the ‘benefit’ (?) of today’s gynecological practices. To be sure, only the most enlightened gynecological minds will be introducing their patients to prenatal yoga San Antonio practices.

In order to ensure that the natural remedies they propose and practice are successful and, perhaps more importantly, safe, they will have needed to undergo quite a few years of training. This is academic teaching not from your recognized medical schools and teaching hospitals. Nevertheless, upon completion of their training, these enlightened doctors and therapists are able to acquire accreditations, certifications and formal clearances that allow them to practice.

prenatal yoga San Antonio

According to the US Surgeon General, they are legally allowed to do so. And their reputation continues to grow. Because it is working. The medicine that they practice and preach is working. But a note of warning. Of course, it stands to good reason that an expectant mother would still need to be properly diagnosed before being given clearance to have a natural childbirth. You’ll know that not all mothers and their unborn children are healthy.

This is where procedures such as Caesarean section births have to be performed. And what procedures are being used by gynecologists who are compelled to induce premature births owing to the condition of the mother and/or the child. Healthy or not, no one needs to wait to be told that he or she can practice yoga. It is a healthy practice. It is good for both body and mind. There are no setbacks and there are no side effects. 

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